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Darley Consulting and WSP have worked in partnership to develop a team-based tool designed to support team development in the delivery of strategic commissioning functions.

The tool provides both guidance and a practical means to achieving how the organisation, teams and individuals with a commissioning responsibility work as strategic commissioners and lead the strategic commissioning process.

It is a developmental framework and in its ‘pilot’ stage will be used to identify the learning and developmental needs for the respective commissioning teams, rather than being a ‘tick box’ approach to ensuring embedded competencies are being met. The framework reflects the general competencies identified across the whole of the commissioning cycle, and those required at each stage of the commissioning cycle.

The need for this commissioning development tool is based in the recognition that to undertake strategic commissioning in the future a number of challenges need to be faced, many of which represent long-standing cultures and attitudes toward factors such as:

  • Commissioning does not just mean new services, but also redesign and de-commissioning where necessary;
  • Commissioning is not just for people for whom the local authority has a responsibility to fund, but for all its residents;
  • Commissioning facilitates and enables people to make choice, rather than deciding on what services people will need.

Achieving the necessary ‘sea-change’ will not just require a set of new skills, but will require a change in attitude that responds to these challenges.

The pilot version provides a ‘high level’ overview of what the future of commissioning would look like, and what competencies and behaviours underpin this future vision. This in turn is supported by the full version which includes all the competencies and behaviours in more depth.

  • Access and interact with the 'Working It Out' competency development tool
  • Produce a competency development plan and action plan for your team

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