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Systems modelling learning network

In this section you can:

As a subscriber to this learning environment you will also be able to:

  • Talk to a Network Manager who can address or sign-post you to the best place to answer your systems modelling questions
  • Find training modules and online tutorials in specific areas of modelling, for example in communicating your models, linking model inputs and outputs to an excel spreadsheet, using new model features such as modules and building models using arrays
  • Read regular updates specifically related to activity in the learning network to support your development
  • Access models that address issues that may reflect your own
  • Share your iThink™/STELLA™ models with other systems modellers and get feedback
  • Request advice or collaboration with other modellers
  • Access a range of system dynamics resources
  • Access other online learning tools at a reduced rate
  • Find technical specfications, news and links for updates for iThink™/STELLA™

Am I eligible to join this network?

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