Network learning partnerships

WSP is committed to sharing good practice across its own network of consultancy engagements and also to facilitate direct contact between people who have similar needs and interests. We are therefore investing in the development of online learning networks where we feel we can add significant value by hosting and facilitating this knowledge transfer. We are achieving this through specific strategic partnerships where we can bring other expertise in to benefit members of the network.

The first three such networks are the result of close working with:

The purpose of these learning environments is therefore to facilitate people’s learning through the deployment of specific tools and by generating added value through the relationships that are formed across the networks in the use of the tools.

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Practice Development

WSP is working in partnership with the Centre for the Development of Healthcare Policy and Practice (CDHPP) at Leeds University to help healthcare teams to connect up what works best, to accelerate uptake into practice, and understand future learning and development needs.

The CDHPP has worked with clinical leads, clinical practitioners, senior managers and patients over a number of years to establish Practice Development Units in Trusts, accredited for their creativity, outstanding practice, optimum performance and efficiency in clinical practice.

In 2008, an international network of the best of these units has been created to capture and promote PDUs’ innovations. A network of this sort also has the potential to contribute to strategic and partnership development, across the range of health and social care organizations involved in caring for patients.

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