Accessing the learning environments


Who is it for?

The commissioning learning environment is for health and social care teams working as part of a facilitated learning arrangement with WSP and Darley Consulting.

As a subscriber to this learning environment you will be able to:

How do I join?

Your organisation will have been allocated a username and password to enable you to log in to the 'Working It Out' tool. if you have forgotten your organisation's log in details, please contact the Commissioning network manager.

More information about the Commissioning learning network...

Practice Development

Who is it for?

This learning environment is for members of the CDHPP's Practice Development Units.

As a subscriber to this learning environment you will be able to:

  • Share your innovations and developments accross the PDU network
  • Find contacts in other PDUs
  • Request advice or collaboration with members of other PDUs
  • Access a range of tools and resources for improving practice
  • Participate in discussions, share documents, photos and videos, and organise local meetings via the network's social networking facility.

How do I subscribe?

Go to the Practice Development Unit Network's website at, click on 'Not yet registered?' in the right hand column and complete the brief registration form. Once you have registered you will be contacted by the PDU network manager with details of how to participate in the social networking facility.

Contact the PDU network manager at

More information about the PDU learning network...

Systems modelling

Who is it for?

This learning environment is designed to support members on their systems modelling efforts. This network is available to individuals who have individually subscribed or been nominated by their organisations as part of a support arrangement with WSP.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced systems modeller, you will always find something relevant to you.

There are three levels of membership available: basic (completely FREE of charge!), individual (£95 for 12 months) or partnership organisation (fee included in organisation's partnership agreement).

As a subscriber to this learning environment you will be able to:

  • Contact the Network Manager who can address or sign-post you to the best place to answer your systems modelling questions
  • Find training modules and online tutorials (limited access to the most recent tutorial for basic members)
  • Access to electronic newsletters  with updates about the network environment (limited to recent issue for basic members)
  • Access models that address issues that may reflect your own (access limited to a few models for basic members)
  • Share your iThink™/STELLA™ models with other systems modellers*
  • Automatic set up of an isee NetSim™ account with the same username and password*
  • Request advice or collaboration with other modellers*
  • Access a range of system dynamics resources
  • Access other online learning tools at a reduced rate*
  • Find technical specifications, news and links for updates for iThink™/STELLA™

*available for paying members only

Downloads icon  Download guide to subscription levels

How do I join?

You can simply register online.

You will be asked for contact details, an indication of your experience with systems modelling and what you hope to get from the network, and a username and password of your choice.

If you are registering as an individual member you will also be asked for either a billing address or a promotional code; if you are registering as a member of a partner organisation you will be asked for the partnership number of your organisation.

Downloads icon  Download guide to registering

For any queries about the registration process or technical issues you can contact:

For questions on the online materials and systems modelling issues contact the network manager:

More information about the Systems Modelling learning network...